Our Process

  • 1. Submit Your Inquiry

    Once you submit the inquiry, we will contact you within one business day with an offer range. This estimate is based on our expectations of the watch from the description provided in the inquiry.

    We recommend providing the following information for the most accurate offer:

    • - Model and Reference Number
    • - Pictures of the dial, bracelet, strap, buckle, case back
    • - Contact information
    • - Age of the watch
  • 2. Send us your watch

    We will email you a prepaid fully-insured FedEx Priority Shipping Label. Please package the watch with all the links, original box and papers. We provide a tracking number for you to follow your watch to its arrival at our office. Once we receive your watch, our Certified Watchmaker will inspect and approve the watch for payment.

    How to package your watch:

    It is important prepare the watch for transit. To avoid damages during the shipment process, please secure the watch with bubble wrap so there is no empty space in the box.

    *For security purposes, please do not disclose to FedEx what is inside the package, nor make any distinguishing marks on the box regarding its contents. For maximum protection, we recommend dropping the labeled package at a staffed location to receive a receipt for the drop off.

  • 3. Receive payment

    We will contact you the same day we receive your watch to make a final offer. Upon acceptance, we will issue payment the same day. Your options of payment are wire transfer, check, or PayPal.